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The Midland Chemist has been published by the ACS Midland Section since 1964 as the primary means of communication with members. In recent years, distribution of the MC has been extended to interested nonmembers, including the membership of the Mid-Michigan Technician Group, an affiliate organization. Total distribution is approximately 750. The subscriptions are free.

The objectives of The Midland Chemist are to inform recipients of local meetings, seminars, elections, work of local committees, Councilors’ activities, and other items concerning chemists and the chemical profession, including science education and science-related community activities. The publication also acts as a sounding board for members’ opinions about the ACS and scientific affairs.

For many years, the MC was prepared as a printed, half-page booklet that was surface-mailed to the membership and other subscribers. With the April 2009 issue of the newsletter, the format changed to an 8.5- x 11-inch format with distribution as a link to a pdf e-mailed to subscribers with Internet access. A hardcopy is still surface-mailed to those members without Internet access.

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