Welcome to the Midland Section of the American Chemical Society.


Welcome to a blog sponsored by the Midland Section of the
American Chemical Society, focused on teacher comments and questions.  As a professional society of those engaged or
interested in the pursuit of science, most of us are not professional
educators, but we support the educational process in many ways.  We have teacher training units, and do
classroom demonstrations; we also sponsor free seminars on science and
technology topics that are free and open to the public. A few of us are also
Science Coaches, part of a National program to work one-on-one with local
teachers in whatever capacity is needed. Our section was recently awarded a
grant (in collaboration with MSTA and Delta College) to work with teachers on
the Next Generation Science Standards, NGSS. We are planning a workshop in 2014
for educators, that will offer speakers and activities around the standards; in
order to match the offerings with the needs, we are soliciting your personal
comments about interpreting the standards, or the concepts you struggle with
most.  You may need to be patient with us
as we get used to the blog format, and also work with NGSS ourselves, but
perhaps the most important thing is to get some communication going.


So where shall we start??
What do you think about the workshop idea?  Have you done much with NGSS or do you think
you already have them covered in your classroom?  What do you need to know about them?  Do you think ACS can help with NGSS, and do
you have any suggestions for us?

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