2018 Election

Ballot for Election of 2018 Board of the Midland ACS Section

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    If you have trouble finding your member number or encounter any other difficulty in voting,  please contact Wendy Flory (Chair of Nominations and Elections, 2017) at wcflory@dow.com or Anne Kelly-Rowley (Midland ACS Chair, 2017) at AMKelly-Rowley@dow.com.

    Voting ends on November 26, 2017 (Sunday) at 11:59 p.m EST.
  • In the next pages, you will be voting for the seven office positions (Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Chair of Nominations and Elections, Councilor, Alternate Councilor and Directors). You can find the biographic information of candidates for the corresponding position on each page.

    These individuals are willing to spend their personal time working for you. Please respond by taking your time to vote for the candidates of your choice.
  • Bio: Amanda Palumbo Candidate for Chair-Elect on the 2017 Midland Section ACS ballot. Professional Experience: Eight years of R&D roles at both Dow Corning (2009-2016) and Dow Chemical (2016-present), all in Midland. I am currently an R&D manager in Core Analytical Sciences. Education: 2005-2009: Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Michigan State University 2001-2005: B.A. Chemistry, Kalamazoo College. ACS Activities: I joined the ACS in 2003 as a student and I still enjoy my ACS periodic table blanket and ACS element mugs! During college and graduate school I was actively involved in ACS outreach. I was also an active member of the Women in Chemistry group at Michigan State University which promoted the professional and personal growth of women chemists. I’m eager to increase my participation in the award-winning Midland section. Related Outreach Activities: In 2008-2009, I served on the Gratiot County Habitat for Humanity board of directors. As the secretary, I was responsible for recording the meeting minutes and was a voting member of the board. I also marketed fundraising events to increase donation support for the foundation. While at Dow Corning, I served five years on the board of the Dow Corning Technical Exchange Society (DCTES), culminating as president in 2013-2014. DCTES promoted awareness of emerging technologies from industrial and academic researchers through a series of six dinner lectures per year. As president, I selected topics and speakers that appealed to the 300-paying attendees and I ensured that all six events were delivered within the $15,000 annual budget. In 2011-2013, I was a member of the steering committee for the Dow Corning Early Career Network, which organized a program of career development and social gathering events for early career individuals. Personal Statement: Throughout my educational and professional career I have thoroughly enjoyed being an active member in a variety of volunteer organizations. I believe that volunteer organizations, such as the Midland ACS Section, bring together a diverse group of people who have the common goal of making a positive impact on our surrounding community. If elected Chair Elect, I will champion ACS’s mission of improving people’s lives through the transformational power of chemistry.
  • Bio: Kshitish Patankar, Ph.D. Education: B.S. in Chemical Engineering, University of Mumbai M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, University of Tennessee Ph.D. in Macromolecular Science and Engineering, Virginia Tech Professional Experience: Kshitish Patankar is a Research Scientist at The Dow Chemical Company (2010-present), and works in the Materials Science and Engineering (MS&E) Capability of Corporate R&D. Since joining Dow, he has worked on projects spanning various businesses in Dow, such as Epoxy, Performance & Specialty Packaging, Adhesives and Functional Materials, Building and Construction, Polyurethanes, Solar, etc. Currently he is working as the Core R&D Program Leader for the Building and Construction business, while leading technical projects for the Building Solutions and Polyurethanes businesses. Kshitish has 23 journal and conference publications, 5 granted patent, 4 pending patent applications and one book chapter. He is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. Service Activities including ACS: At Dow, Kshitish has held several leadership and service positions. He was one of the founding members of the New Researcher’s Organization (NRO) in MS&E, and held a position on the committee for two years since its inception. He is on the recruiting committee for his group in Midland. He has been active in Young Researcher’s Community (YRC) for a number of years. Outside of Dow, Kshitish has been active in professional organizations such as Adhesion Society, Society of Plastics Engineers, Society of Experimental Mechanics, and Center for Polyurethane Industry, where he chairs and organizes sessions in the annual meetings. He has served as the Nominations and Elections Chair (2015), Secretary (2016-17) for the ACS Midland Section. Prior to getting actively involved in the Section activities, he was on the organizing committee for the Fall Scientific Meeting (FSM) in 2014 and 2015. He has also been active in STEM initiatives in Midland, and has been a math mentor for the sixth grade students for the past 5 years. Personal Statement: I have been fortunate in my career to have lived, studied, and worked in different geographies with a diverse set of talented individuals. These experiences have engendered my strong personal belief in the importance of diversity of experience, viewpoint, and culture in generating breakthrough innovations in chemistry through solid cross-functional collaborations. I feel ACS members are instrumental in furthering and prospering these collaborations. For the past three years, I have been fortunate to serve on the committee of the Midland chapter of the ACS. My up-close and personal experience in this section leaves me in awe when I realize the amount of work the members do and the passion they have for betterment of the society through Science. I feel blessed to have been a part of this Section, and would like to continue to do so for the years to come. At this point I am interested in the position of Secretary for 2018. Thank you for consideration.
  • Bio: Michelle Rivard. Professional Experience: Started at Dow Corning May 1997. 2004-current Analytical Technician (Dow Performance Silicone), 2000-2004 Wash/Etch Technician (HSC), 1997-2000 Slimrod Technician (HSC) Education: B.S Biochemistry, Central Michigan University ACS Activities: Since joining the Midland Section in 2005, I have had several roles, including Chair of the Mid-Michigan Technician's Group (MMTG), for which I organized our award-winning "Lunch and Learn" series two years in a row. I served as MMTG director 2011-2012, chair-elect 2013, Chair 2014, Past Chair 2015. I was on the Section's Program Committee from 2013-2015, assisting in the acquisition of technical speakers, and have been the primary organizer of ACS Day at the Midland County Fair from 2010-2015. I am grateful and honored for having been recognized by National as the Midland Section Outreach Volunteer of the Year for 2015; my Outreach activities include leading and developing student programs and helping with teacher workshops. My involvement as an ACS Science Coach began with the inception of the program in 2010. Within this program, I have partnered with 3 different teachers and schools. I serve as a member of the National Project SEED committee, serving both on the ChemLuminary and Scholarship committees 2013-2017. I was elected as a Section Director in 2015, but served as chair-elect for the Section, after volunteering to fill the empty seat and receiving Board approval. In 2016, I served as the chair for MMTG 25 Year Anniversary committee. In this role, I organized a symposium that will run alongside the Fall Scientific Meeting (FSM) symposium and secured the Key Note speaker for FSM. Currently I am the co-chair for the education/outreach program for the 50th Central Regional Meeting to be held in Midland in 2019. I am also currently the Treasurer for our local section. Other Information: 2015 Midland Section Outreach Volunteer of the Year. Invited guest speaker for CTA 50th Anniversary Symposium at the 248th National Meeting in San Francisco, CA in 2014. MMTG outreach volunteer of the year 2010-2012. Successfully wrote and secured two grants for MMTG activities 2015 and 2016. Personal Statement: I hope to continue my service to the Section as Treasure; I live locally and attend a majority of ACS related activities which allows me to be well-versed with our local sections activities. My experience allows me to work well across committees and activities. In this era of designated funds, I have successfully been able to organize and complete programs within budget. I have secured grants and organized fundraising in order to continue to fund the programs that have helped win numerous awards for our local section. If elected as Treasure, I will continue to support our planning for our 100th anniversary activities in 2019 and maintain the efforts for which we have been recognized nationally.
  • Bio: Wendy C. Flory. Professional Experience: Dow Chemical 2001 – present, State Chemical Co., Cleveland, OH 1993-1994 Education: 2000 - post graduate Colorado State University; 2000 - PhD Analytical Chemistry Michigan State University; B.S. 1993 - Ohio State University Local ACS Activities: N&E Chair – 2017; Treasurer – 2014-2016; Finance Committee 2014 – current; Councilor – 2010-2013;WCC committee 2013 – current; YCC Chair 2002-2006; Co-Chair Fall Scientific Meeting 2003-2004 Local ACS sections offer many opportunities to chemists, in particular to expanding ones network both locally and nationally. Starting in graduate school and continuing with my 14+ years at The Dow Chemical Company I have been involved with ACS serving on the national WCC for 2 years, as a Midland Section Councilor, and as the local treasurer. Locally, I was the key person involved with starting the local younger chemist committee and the younger research chemists (YRC) at Dow Chemical. I was instrumental in several Fall Scientific Meetings from ’02 – ’04, chairing it in ’03 and ‘04. These meetings involved many presentations and was attended by 300+ area scientists. Numerous times I’ve been a volunteer for outreach programs in the community, events such as the Dow Family Reunion, Professionals Day, Take Your Child to Work Day, etc. Recently, I have been one of several in the initiation of the local section WCC and continue to serve as a steering committee member. Other Information: Sr. Analytical Specialist and Global SME for NIR and Analytical Chemometrics; Dow Chemical Personal Statement: I would like to encourage our membership to take a more active role in our local section through discussion of becoming a member of the board or leading an event. Nominations and Elections has a big job in maintaining interest in engaging members to volunteer.
  • Bio: Dale LeCaptain. Professional Experience: Central Michigan University 2001 – present; Colorado State University 2000-2001; Michigan State University 1999-2000 Education: 1999 – PhD Analytical Chemistry Michigan State University; B.S. 1994 – University Wisconsin LaCrosse ACS Activities: Meetings and Expositions Committee (ACS National) 2015-present; Regional Meetings Subcommittee (ACS National) 2015- present; Councilor (Midland Section) 2014-presrnt; Alternate Councilor (Midland Section) 2005 – 2011; Co-Chair Midland Section Fall Scientific Meeting 58th, 59th, 60th, and 66th (’02, ’03, ’04, & ’11); Executive Director Committee and Social Chair of the 44th Central Regional Meeting (2013); Founding member of the local section Younger Chemists Committee, co-chair for several years, and now co-leader as the student member liaison to the local section YCC/Student Member Committee; Faculty Advisor ACS Central Michigan University Student Members (2003 - present). Personal Statement: Just under 3 years ago, you (Midland Section) gave me the opportunity to represent our section at the national level. I’ve positioned myself onto the councilor only committee of M&E (Regional subcommittee) in preparation of the 2019 regional meeting being hosted by Midland Section. Working at both the local level and the national level is providing insight, connections, and access to key ACS systems. Clearly, the Midland Section is in a time of transition and I hope to continue our representation while working to position myself into additional prominent national committees and service opportunities. Other: My 15+ years of active involvement with the local section, hundreds of former student members now in the ACS network, and since last holding ACS office locally have experience in other community organization leadership positions has really brought to light the strength that is Midland Section ACS (A national leader in the ACS!).
  • Bio: Jessica (Ye) Huang, Ph.D. Professional Experience: Senior Chemistry at the Dow Chemical Company; Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of California, Santa Barbara. Education: Ph.D. Polymer Science, Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China; B.S. Polymer Science, Sichuan University, China. Other Information: 4 patent applications; more than 20 external publications in journals; Certified Six Sigma Green Belt; Active member in APS (American Physical Society). Personal Statement: Last year, I served as Secretary of DDGIS (Dow Discussion Group on Interface Science) and have been actively organizing seminars for professors and internal speakers. It is my honor to be nominated as Alt. Councilor and I’d like to serve and contribute to the Midland Section ACS.
  • Bio: Tami L. Sivy Professional Experience: (2008 – present) Saginaw Valley State University– Professor Education: (2006-2008) Portland State University – postdoctoral; (2006) Ph.D. Biochemistry– University of Colorado-Boulder; B.S. Biochemistry– Calvin College ACS Activities: I have been a member of the ACS since I joined the SVSU faculty and have attended 6 National Meetings. I have participated in many Fall Scientific Meetings, serving as co-chair and symposium speaker for the meeting held at SVSU in 2012. I was a symposium organizer for CERM 2012, held at CMU. At each of these and others I was the coauthor on posters presented by many of my research students. I have served on the board as alternate councilor for the past three years. Finally, I have mentored two Project SEED I/II students. Other Information: I am a married mother of two who lives in Bay City. Personal Statement: I believe that collaboration between various members of the Midland section ACS is essential to its impact in the local community and on the national level. I also treasure education for all levels, and one of my most important roles is as a teacher. As such, I am involved with an NSF-TUES (Transforming Undergraduate Education in STEM)-funded grant that is bringing together educators and researchers from SVSU, CMU, and Delta to benefit our students’ learning. I have also personally learned from these collaborations on a professional and personal level. I am also highly involved with the Dow Corning Foundation/SVSU STEM Community Partnership and the Dow Science and Sustainability Center, mentoring students and teachers from SVSU and local high/middle schools. Additionally, I have formed partnerships with several local groups as I work to develop rapid bacteria testing for freshwater as part of the Environmental Science Institute at SVSU. Through continuation of these activities and as a representative of SVSU on the ACS board, I hope to continue to establish and foster relationships with members of the ACS and others of all ages in the community. I look forward to continuing my relationship and SVSU’s relationship with the ACS on the local level.

    Bio: Janice Hall Tomasik earned her B. S. in Chemistry with High Distinction from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In 2007, she earned her Ph. D. in Chemistry with emphasis in Inorganic Chemistry and Chemical Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She joined the faculty in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Central Michigan University in July 2008, and received tenure in 2015. Janice has also been a member of the American Chemical Society since 2002, and she has served as the local Chemistry Olympiad coordinator for the Midland ACS section from 2011 to 2013. At CMU, Janice has been studying how chemistry students learn and how they are impacted by pedagogical approaches that include research-based design and online learning environments. A core objective of her research aims to increase recruitment and retention of women and other underrepresented groups in STEM fields. She has received funding from agencies including the NSF Transforming Undergraduate Education in STEM (TUES), the NSF Course Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI), and the Michigan Space Grant Consortium programs to support her research. Dr. Tomasik is also the faculty advisor to the newly formed Society for Women in STEM student group at CMU. She is a passionate teacher and enjoys encouraging students in her work. She teaches general chemistry, graduate inorganic chemistry, and teaching methods courses for pre-service teachers. She has been the recipient of the UIUC Merck Index Award for Outstanding Chemistry Senior (2002), the 2011-2012 CMU Honors Faculty of the Year Award, and the 2016 College of Science and Engineering Outstanding Teaching Award, and has been nominated for the CMU Student Choice Faculty of the Year (2011 & 2012).

    Bio: Anatoliy (Tony) Sokolov is an Associate Research Scientist in the Core R&D function of The Dow Chemical Company. At Dow, Tony has played key roles developing electro-active material technologies, including Solid State Lighting, Photovoltaics and OLEDs. Tony also leads the Penn State University Program at Dow. His current research interests relate to material science, maximizing the value of data, data-driven decisions and spending less time clicking at work. Prior to joining Dow, Tony was a postdoctoral scholar with Professor Zhenan Bao in Chemical Engineering at Stanford University. Tony earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry and B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering from University of Iowa and is an author of 30 external publications and 19 patents/applications. Tony was the ACS Midland section treasurer in 2014 and continues to serve on the section finance committee.

    Bio: Bryan Stubbert. Candidate Statement of Interest I joined ACS after graduating from college and have enjoyed many opportunities to support ACS programs as a participant and contributor. As my children get older and our family is able to participate in more and more outreach activities for all ages, I would like to get more personally involved to foster access to new and exciting programs like those I have enjoyed over the past two decades. Serving as a Director for the Midland Section would provide an ideal opportunity to give back to the community and provide access to programs that inform the public and cultivate an appreciation for science at every stage of life. Candidate Biography Bryan Stubbert is an Associate Research Scientist working within Core R&D at The Dow Chemical Company, where he is responsible for technical leadership on numerous assessments that aim to vet and develop new opportunities to populate the innovation pipeline at Dow, working closely with R&D, Finance, and Commercial partners across a variety of technology and market applications. Prior to this role, Bryan conducted laboratory research that focused primarily on developing new olefin polymerization catalysts and novel polymer architectures for homogeneous processes, with additional contributions to polyolefin dispersion, olefin-polar copolymer, olefin block copolymer, and chemical mechanical polishing technologies. Bryan began his career at Dow in 2012 following postdoctoral research at Caltech, studying photo- and electrocatalytic water and carbon dioxide reduction chemistry with Professor Harry Gray. He conducted doctoral research in inorganic chemistry at Northwestern University under the guidance of Professor Tobin Marks, where he explored the synthesis and catalytic reactivity properties of organoactinide complexes in C–N bond forming reactions. Prior to his stint at Caltech, Bryan studied biomimetic Fe–S chemistry relevant to enzymatic dinitrogen reduction as a postdoc with Professor Patrick Holland at the University of Rochester. Bryan has co-authored numerous external publications and internal Dow research reports. He has presented his findings at several Gordon Research Conferences, ACS National Meetings, and other internal and external gatherings. Bryan holds a B.S. in Chemistry from UC Berkeley, a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from Northwestern University, and is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt Project Leader.