Annual Reports

Annual Reports

After 2009, National ACS implemented a FORMS system wherein each Section activity is documented with a separate electronic entry on their website; therefore, a copy of the entire report is not readily available.  Below are summary reports taken from the years since 2009.

2009 Annual Report (16 Mb)

2008 Annual Report (8 Mb)

2007 Annual Report (5 Mb)

Historian Annual Reports

2013 Historian Annual Report

2012 Historian Annual Report Part 1
2012 Historian Annual Report Part 2

2010 Historian Annual Report

2008 Historian Annual Report

2007 Historian Annual Report

2006 Historian Annual Report

2005 Historian Annual Report

2004 Historian Annual Report

Historian Reports to the Board

2016 Historian Report to Board

2009 Historian Report to Board

2008 Historian Report to Board

2007 Historian Report to Board

2006 Historian Report to Board

2005 Historian Report to Board


Every year, the Midland Section submits an annual report to ACS and also makes the report available to members and the community via the Midland Section web site. This report is the basis for local section awards.

ACS lists the objectives of the annual report as given below:

  • To review Section activities during the past year, evaluate programs, and highlight areas for possible growth
  • To communicate Section accomplishments in relation to the overall goals of ACS to the Local Section Activities Committee (LSAC)
  • To keep a record of the Section’s current experiences for the benefit of future Section leaders
  • To share successes to assist other local sections in program and activity planning
  • To self-nominate for ChemLuminary awards
  • To meet the requirement to receive the Section’s allotment
  • To fulfill requirements in the ACS Constitution and Bylaws


Completing the annual report requires a coordinated effort by various volunteer members of the local section governance. The steps in preparing the report, along with roles and responsibilities are:

  • Executive board, including councilor, meets and decides which parts to file
  • Board and councilors consult and write preliminary and final drafts
  • Section chair assures the report is complete and accurate
  • Chair, chair-elect, and one councilor approve the report
  • Section chair submits report online