Board and Committee Materials

Board and Committee Materials

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Color Letterhead

B&W Letterhead

Color Envelope

B&W Envelope

Press Release


PowerPoint Presentation

Expense/Income Form

Logos ACS Logos and Specs

Administrative (see handbook)

Budget Spreadsheets

Nominations & Elections Awards Corporate Agent Long Range Planning Historian Government Affairs Membership Program


Midland Chemist Template

Midland Chemist Instructions

Member Database Instructions

Technical Committee


  • Kids & Chemistry
  • Diversity and Multicultural Committee Scholarship
  • National Chemistry Week/Sci-fest
  • Earth Day
  • Project SEED
  • Teacher Support
  • SciFest
  • Chemistry Olympiad

Designated Funds

  • Kids and Chemistry
  • DC Grant
  • WCC
  • Dow Grant
  • Science Café Grant
  • Global Innovation Grant
  • Sustainability Grant
  • School Project IPG Grant
  • Local Section Nanogrant