Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Diversity without inclusion is exclusion. Diversity refers to difference. As such, diversity is a property of groups, not individuals. Groups, such as the scientific community, greatly benefit from diversity. Difference in race/ethnicity, gender, age, disability status, nationality, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic background should be valued and respected. Inclusion is creating a sense of belonging through embracing diversity and empowering each other. The goal of the (newly revived!) D&I committee will be to cultivate a diverse talent pool and promote inclusion of excellence across the social spectrum.

The D&I committee, wish to foster an inclusive environment where people feel respected and connected to one another. The Midland section of the ACS already has a strong involvement into the community with the Women Chemists Committee (WCC), the Silver Circle Committee (SCC), the Younger Chemists Committee (YCC), and the Mid-Michigan Technician Group (MMTG). The D&I Committee will promote its vision, by broadly engaging the scientific community in various activities and collaborating with the other committee when appropriate.