Earth Day

Earth Day

Each year, Midland ACS sponsors Earth Day events in April and May that usually include a multi-station
expo, science cafes or seminars, and an Illustrated Poem contest for grades K-12. Our collaborators are
typically Midland Center for the Arts and Midland Volunteers for Recycling, although many other
organizations are also invited to take part.

The National ACS CCEW (“Chemists Celebrate Earth Week”) theme tends to be the focus of these
activities. The following are some CCEW themes:

2019: Take Note: The Chemistry of Paper
2020: Protecting our Planet Through Chemistry (50th Anniversary of Earth Day!)
2021: Reducing Our Footprint With Chemistry

Watch for information on the website home page and in the Midland Chemist newsletter about specific


Poetry Contest

If you are interested in participating in the poetry contest please see the details below and fill out this form.