Educational and Community Outreach

NOTE: During the Covid-19 outbreak, our in-person activities have been largely suspended. We continually strive to find ways to serve teachers, students and families during this time, and have a number of programs recorded–seminars for informational content and demonstration/activity

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1) Paul Gross: The Scientific Truth About Global Warming

2) Peter Sinclair: Here Today –Renewable Solutions to Climate Change

3) Dana Kirk: The Food Waste Challenge: Opportunities and Technologies to Address the Global Problem

4) Sandra Svoboda : From Rust to Resilience: What Climate Change Means for Great Lakes Cities

1) Carbon Dioxide and Climate Change
2) Polymers and Bioplastics

3) Water and Its Purification
4) The Yellow and Blue Experiment

General Facts About Educational and Community Outreach:

The Outreach activities of the Midland Section fall into several categories; all events are typically free and open to the public, but may be recommended for specific audiences according to age level.  Community events, often hands-on or interactive, such as Kids Day at the Midland Mall and River Days, occur yearly, but have different themes and offer changing activities for families and children. Summer camps can be offered, but require registration, and sometimes a nominal fee to cover expenses.  Specialized programs such as ”Scientific Wonder and Artful Genius” are arranged with different collaborators, and offer focused hands-on experiences for a targeted audience.  Outreach also provides curriculum-reinforcing in-school presentations, with hands-on components, by teacher (or school district) request. After school program hands-on offerings are also provided by Midland ACS Outreach.

The Midland Section has a long and successful history of teacher support. “Bringing Science to Life in the Classroom” was a six-hour workshop developed for teachers almost 30 years ago; a second set of lessons were “Sci-Tech Next Generation” I and II (aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, and first offered in 2014).  Teacher workshops are provided at no cost to educators, and often include supply donations. Topics are all curriculum-related, grade level-appropriate and involve hands-on experiences for teachers, usually for continuing education credits (SCECHs). Workshops are often offered at Michigan Science Teacher meetings and/or during Pittcon Science Week, and some have even been conducted in rural Guatemala.

Science Cafes involve speakers and interactive experiences and are offered as evening or weekend programs for families.  Past cafes have dealt with topics like food science (with cooking demos and samples), cosmetic chemistry (with lotion-making) and fraud detection (with hands-on evaluation of counterfeit currency).

The Science Coaching program is funded separately by National ACS; it involves a one-to-one relationship between a science professional and an educator, wherein the professional offers assistance in forms that are meaningful to the teacher, such as stock room cleanout, science fair arrangements, speaker or field trip assistance, personal behind-the scenes consultation, or classroom hands-on programs. Teachers in such relationships receive $500 from National for use in their classrooms.

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