Fall Scientific Meeting


Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

Midland ACS cordially invite you to participate in this year’s Virtual Fall Scientific Meeting and explore our theme of “Fast or Slow… Chemistry Makes it Go!”  Details of the virtual format will be updated on https://sites.google.com/view/acs-2021-fsm/home


Keynote Speaker Highlight:

Professor Babak Borhan, Ph.D.
Synthetic and Bioorganic Chemistry

Department of Chemistry
Michigan State University



Professor Babak Borhan’s synthetic chemistry program generally focuses on the development of new reactions that utilize simple organic molecules and through designed manipulations leads to more complex systems. In most cases, his methodologies lead to the production of heterocycles with regio- and stereocontrol. These transformations are then highlighted in total syntheses of natural products exhibiting interesting biological activities. Recently, his team have reported the catalytic asymmetric chlorolactonization of alkenoic acids and unsaturated amides to furnish chiral heterocycles. These reactions are catalyzed by (DHQD)2PHAL in combination with various N-chlorinated hydantoins as the terminal chlorenium sources. Halofunctionalization of different compounds, understanding the mechanism of these transformations and the details of enantioselections are currently under investigation. In his talk, Professor Borhan will present mechanistic investigations, highlighting the use of physical organic principles to challenge an accepted mechanism in halofunctionalization chemistry.


Invited speakers:


Prof. Nirala Singh, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Chemical Engineering

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI.


Prof. Bingbing Li, Ph.D.

Professor and Graduate Coordinator

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Central Michigan University
Mt. Pleasant, MI.


Jake Steinbrecher

TS&D Scientist

Automotive and Elastomers NA/LA
The Dow Chemical Company
Midland, MI.


Event Cost

This meeting is FREE!  Please use the Sign-Up Genius page to register.