Historical Exhibit

To help celebrate the Midland Section Centennial in 2019, we are planning a historical exhibit at the Doan History Center, with corollary events and presentations there and on the neighboring campus by the Brinewell (designated at National Historical Chemical Landmark in 1997).  The exhibit will address the reasons for the start of the chapter (with HH Dow as its first Chair), the local and national leadership shown by its members, and their contributions to chemistry that affects our everyday lives.  We will also focus on where we are headed, and the activities that help us encourage the chemists of tomorrow. 

We plan to construct the exhibit in modules that can be enjoyed at satellite locations after the exhibit is closed at the end of 2019; we also plan special activities during the exhibit period that will include social events and outreach.

The attached picture shows a newspaper ad from the Midland Daily News in 1951 that celebrates the 75th anniversary of National ACS.  It demonstrates the strong community support we have enjoyed throughout our first century.  This historical project allows us to commemorate that as we continue to work to earn it for many years to come.

There are several ways YOU can get involved, too!

  • We have established a project fund at the Midland Area Community Foundation (The Midland ACS Historical Project Fund) where you can make a tax-exempt gift of any size to help with costs that cover design, construction and post-anniversary use. To read what the fund is about, see the description at : https://www.midlandfoundation.org/fund-list/2017/12/13/midland-acs-historical-project-fund . You can navigate to a place  TO DONATE ON-LINE right from that page, or go to www.midlandfoundation.org and click on “Donate Now”, then scroll down the fund listing on the form that comes up and find the name of our fund.
  • We are interested in artifacts you may be saving that relate to ACS or its events in the past 100 years, if you might be willing to loan them to us for display. Let us know at exhibit@midlandacs.org.
  • We are seeking input from you to use in the exhibit as well: Why did you become a chemist?  Why do you belong to ACS or appreciate its community impact? Any special story you would to tell about an ACS event or member? Let us know at exhibit@midlandacs.org.
  • We welcome your suggestions or questions…contact us at exhibit@midlandacs.org.