Current Section Chair – Robbyn Prange

Board of Directors: The Board of Directors consists of the officers of the Section (chair, chair-elect, secretary, and treasurer), the immediate Past Chair, the Councilors, the Alternate Councilors, the Chair of the Committee on Nominations and Elections, and nine Directors, all of whom are voting members. The Councilors, Alternate Councilors, and Directors are elected to three-year terms. All others are elected to one-year terms. The number in parentheses in the list below indicates the final year in office. The asterisk indicates a member of the Executive Committee.

Committee Chairs: There are four standing committees: nominations and elections, membership, program, and publicity. All other committees are established by the Board of Directors with Committee Chairs appointed by the Chair of the Section. Below is also a list of the current committee chairs.

Midland Section ACS handbook

2020 ACS Midland Leadership Team:

Chair*Robbyn Prangechair@midlandacs.org
Chair-Elect*Joel McDonaldchairelect@midlandacs.org
Secretary*Maude Desroches secretary@midlandacs.org
Treasurer*Lauren McCullough treasurer@midlandacs.org
Past Chair*Mark Jonespastchair@midlandacs.org
Councilor (2023)Dale LeCaptaindale.lecaptain@cmich.edu
Alternate Councilor (2023)Wendy Florywcflory@dow.com
Nominations & Elections CommitteeShuting Fengelections@midlandacs.org
Director (2021) Michael Cootemcoote@svsu.edu
Director (2021) Kshitish Patankar kpatankar@dow.com
Director (2021) Kevin Wierkevin.wier@dow.com
Director (2022) Wendell Dilling w.dilling@att.net
Director (2022) Wenyi Huang wenyi.huang@dupont.com
Director (2022) Steve Keinathnewseditor@midlandacs.org
Director (2023)Gina Malczewskireginamalczewski@gmail.com
Director (2023)Amanda Palumboamanda.palumbo@dow.com
Director (2023)Michelle Rivardmichelle.rivard@dow.com
Committee Chairs:
AwardsDiana Deeseawards@midlandacs.org
Chemistry OlympiadMichael TulchinskyChemistry-Olympiad@midlandacs.org
Fall Scientific MeetingRoozbeh Dargazanyroozbeh@msu.edu
FinanceWendy Floryfinance@midlandacs.org
HistorianWendell Dillinghistory@midlandacs.org
Inclusion & Diversity CommitteeAnne-Catherine Bedarddiversity@midlandacs.org
Long Range Planning CommitteeMark Jonesplanning@midlandacs.org
MembershipWendy Florywcflory@dow.com
Midland Chemist NewsletterVickie Langernewseditor@midlandacs.org
Midland Chemist NewsletterSteve Keinathnewseditor@midlandacs.org
Mid-Michigan TechniciansDiana Deesetechnicians@midlandacs.org
Outreach/Earth DayMichelle Rivardoutreach@midlandacs.org
Outreach/Earth DayGina Malczewskioutreach@midlandacs.org
ProgramsJoel McDonaldprograms@midlandacs.org
Project SEED Michelle Rivardproject-seed@midlandacs.org
Public AffairsOpen
PublicityAmanda Palumbopublicity@midlandacs.org
SafetyKevin Wiersafety@midlandacs.org
Silver Circle/Senior ChemistsGretchen Kohl seniors@midlandacs.org
WebmasterMichael Malczewskiweb@midlandacs.org
Women Chemists CommitteeLauren McCulloughwomen-chemists@midlandacs.org
Young Chemists CommitteeAndre Yvon BessetteYoung-Chemists@midlandacs.org