Current Section Chair – Wenyi Huang

Board of Directors: The Board of Directors consists of the officers of the Section (chair, chair-elect, secretary, and treasurer), the immediate Past Chair, the Councilors, the Alternate Councilors, the Chair of the Committee on Nominations and Elections, and nine Directors, all of whom are voting members. The Councilors, Alternate Councilors, and Directors are elected to three-year terms. All others are elected to one-year terms. The number in parentheses in the list below indicates the final year in office. The asterisk indicates a member of the Executive Committee.


Committee Chairs: There are four standing committees: nominations and elections, membership, program, and publicity. All other committees are established by the Board of Directors with Committee Chairs appointed by the Chair of the Section. Below is also a list of the current committee chairs.

Midland Section ACS handbook 2015

Board Members

2018 ACS Midland Leadership Team
Chair* Wenyi Huang whuang1@dow.com
Chair-Elect* Amanda Palumbo amanda.palumbo@dowcorning.com
Secretary* Kshitish Patankar secretary@midlandacs.org
Treasurer* Michelle Rivard treasurer@midlandacs.org
Past Chair*
Councilor (19) Dale LeCaptain dale.lecaptain@cmich.edu
Councilor (20) Tina Leaym tina.leaym@dowcorning.com
Alternate Councilor (19) Steve Keinath skeinath54@charter.net
Alternate Councilor (20) Dave Stickles dstick44@chartermi.net
Chair, Nominations & Elections Committee Wendy Flory elections@midlandacs.org
Director (18) Kevin Wier kevin.wier@dowcorning.com
Director (18) Michelle Cummings michelle.cummings@dowcorning.com
Director (18) Pat Smith smithp62@msu.edu
Director (19) Wendell Dilling dilli1wl@cmich.edu
Director (19) Regina Malczewski reginamalczewski@gmail.com
Director (19) Aswini Dash a.dash@dowcorning.com
Director (20) Tami Sivy tsivy@svsu.edu
Director (20) Janice Tomasik tomas1jh@cmich.edu
Director (20) Bryan Stubbert BDStubbert@dow.com
Committee Chairs
2019 Central Regional Meeting Dimi Katsoulis dimi.katsoulis@dowcorning.com
Awards Diana Deese awards@midlandacs.org
Chemistry Olympiad Michael Tulchinsky tulchimi@dow.com
Ex Officio Director Tom Lane maingeek1@gmail.com
Fall Scientific Meeting Jennifer Larimer fsm@midlandacs.org
Eve Suthiwangcharoen fsm@midlandacs.org
Finance Wendy Flory WCFlory@dow.com
Historian Wendell Dilling history@midlandacs.org
Long Range Planning Committee Gina Malczewski reginamalczewski@gmail.com
Membership Wendy Flory (interim) membership@midlandacs.org
Midland Chemist Newsletter Vickie Langer newseditor@midlandacs.org
Steve Keinath newseditor@midlandacs.org
MMTG Kyle Krauseneck kyle.krauseneck@dowcorning.com
Jake Remacle j.remacle@dowcorning.com
Multicultural & Diversity Committee Open
Outreach/Kids and Chemistry Gina Malczewski outreach@midlandacs.org
Michelle Rivard michelle.rivard@dowcorning.com
Program Amanda Palumbo programs@midlandacs.org
Project SEED Bernadette Harkness bernadetteharkness@delta.edu
Public Affairs Open
Publicity Open
Safety Kevin Wier safety@midlandacs.org
Sci-Fest/NCW Dave Stickles dstick44@chartermi.net
Michelle Rivard michelle.rivard@dowcorning.com
Silver Circle/Senior Chemists Joan Sabourin jmsabour2@gmail.com
Gretchen Kohl gretchen.kohl@att.net
Teacher Support Gina Malczewski reginamalczewski@gmail.com
Webmaster Greg Cushing web@midlandacs.org
Women Chemists Committee Lauren McCullough wcc@midlandacs.org
Tina Leaym wcc@midlandacs.org
Young Chemists Committee Michael Vagnini MTVagnini@dow.com