Please visit specific tabs for event descriptions, check the newsletter for the latest information, and review the calendar for dates. Typically in a given year, the Midland Section sponsors the following:

  • Board meetings (usually monthly except perhaps during the summer) to which the public is invited
  • Kids Day at the Midland Mall (January: Kids and Chemistry)
  • Teacher workshops at Michigan Science Teacher Association and/or Pittcon (March)
  • Earth Day Expo (April, usually at the Midland Center for the Arts)
  • Chemistry Olympiad (Spring)
  • Awards Banquet (April or May)
  • MMTG summer picnic or Loons game (June)
  • River Days (Midland Tridge; July)
  • ACS Day at the Midland Fair (August)
  • Sci-Fest (often held with the Fall Scientific Meeting, sometime Sept-Nov)
  • Fall Scientific Meeting (Sept-Nov)
  • MMTG’s Adopt-a-Family or Shelterhouse donation/demos (December)

In addition, there are numerous visits to classrooms preformed by professionals who participate in “Science Coaches” with a specific teacher, and activities like “SPARK” with Hemmeter school or “New Cultures Create Education” with St. Thomas Acquinas in which we participate by invitation.