Midland Section Awards


Midland Section Awards

Award Recipient History

The Midland Section Awards ceremony, honoring both members and nonmembers, usually occurs in April or May every year. A dinner is offered at no cost to award winners, and all section members are invited to attend. In addition to the Education Awards described under “Teachers and Students” on this website, recognition is also given to those who have served the Section with distinction. These awards are described below, along with links to recipient names, and nomination forms where applicable.

Each year the Section recognizes persons who have been members of the American Chemical Society for 50 or more years.

Promotion of Diversity in Chemistry, Related Sciences and Engineering Award

This award is presented biannually to a person or group residing in Midland, Bay, Saginaw, Isabella or Gratiot County for outstanding achievement in enhancing the participation of underrepresented groups in the study of chemistry, related sciences and engineering.

Outstanding Achievement and Promotion of the Chemical Sciences

Each year the Midland Section honors an individual residing within the Section’s geographical area who has demonstrated outstanding achievement and promotion of the chemical sciences. This award recognizes dedication and service to the chemical profession. The recipient need not be an ACS member. Nominations should include a biographical sketch, list of pertinent publications, evidence of professional growth and involvement, and letters of support from colleagues.

Outstanding Service to the American Chemical Society

The Section sponsors an annual award to recognize outstanding service to the Midland Section of the ACS. This award recognizes achievement in the promotion of the goals of ACS. Nominees shall be members of the Midland Section. Nominations should include a biographical sketch, a history of service to the Midland Section, and supporting letters from fellow ACS members.

Outstanding Chemical Technician

The Section presents an annual Outstanding Chemical Technician Award to an individual who has demonstrated an extremely high degree of professionalism as a chemical technician. The ACS defines a chemical technician as a person whose training includes successful completion of a two-year post-high school level chemistry curriculum leading to an Associates Degree, or the equivalent course work in a Baccalaureate program, or the equivalent knowledge gained by experience. The primary work of a chemical technician is conducting experimentation and/or correlating information to help solve chemical problems and/or discover new chemical knowledge. Criteria used to judge the award include job skills, safety, teamwork, leadership, publications and presentations, reliability, communication skills, and additional professional and community activities. Nominees must have worked for five years as a chemical technician. Chemical technicians do not need to be a TECH Division Affiliate or ACS member to be eligible for this award. Nominations should include a biographical sketch and supporting letters that address each of the criteria above.

Award Recipient History