Outreach Safety

Outreach Safety

Midland Section does risk assessment for Outreach programs in accordance with the safety guidelines provided by National and found at: http://www.acs.org/content/dam/acsorg/education/policies/safety/safety-guidelines-for-ncw-and- community-activities.pdf

We use mostly household chemicals, and in general, our supplies are maintained at a storage facility where MSDSs are available for those materials. National ACS provides liability insurance coverage for all events; a certificate of that insurance can be obtained (as required for some venues) from Peggy Jones at P_Jones@acs.org. In addition, the Midland Section is incorporated, which releases our individual volunteers from liability.

We offer training for our facilitators and have write-ups that include safety information available for our volunteers. Additional information about safety-related activities can be found under the subtabs.


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