Student Member Groups

Student Member Groups

Undergraduate chemical science majors are eligible for student membership in ACS and there are several student member groups at local universities. High school chemistry clubs are also promoted by ACS, and help is available for writing charters, etc.

College student members participate in a wide range of programs and activities that enhance their college experience and prepare them for successful careers. ACS offers many resources for student members, including information on undergraduate research, internships, co-ops, summer work, and study abroad opportunities. In addition, ACS can help with graduate school planning.

Student members receive subscriptions to Chemical and Engineering News as well as discounts to ACS technical meetings.

Advisors for the student member groups within the Midland Section are listed below along with links to the chemistry department for the institution:

Central Michigan University (Link) Dale LeCaptain
Sharyl Majorski
Saginaw Valley State University (Link)

Alma College (Link)

Tami Sivy


Joel Dopke

Delta College (Link) Bernadette Harkness