National Chemistry Week/Sci-Fest

National ACS has a different theme each year for its celebration of National Chemistry Week in late October. For over 20 years, the Midland Section has sponsored a program called “Sci-Fest” in the same time frame, which offers hands-on science activities and demonstrations in walk-by format. Midland ACS has also been involved in the Great Lakes Bay Science and Engineering Festival in the fall, where students (on a school day) or the general public are invited to participate in science activities offered by groups such as Dow, Dow Corning, and the Mind Trekkers of Michigan Technological University. For more information, contact Dave Stickles or Michelle Rivard ( or

  • 2017 theme: Chemistry Rocks! (30th Anniversary of National Chemistry Week)
  • 2018: Chemsitry is Out of this World!
  • 2019: Marvelous Metals