Science Cafés and Seminars

Science Cafes and Seminars

Science cafes and seminars, usually offered for free and open to the public, address scientific topics of interest and relevance to all. Science cafes often include an interactive component, and past cafes have included two series entitled “Loco for Cocoa” and “There’s No Food Like Foam” on culinary themes, offering food preparation demos and free samples. We have also hosted cafes about coffee, cosmetics, fireworks and counterfeiting, all offering information from authoritative professionals. Science cafes are usually arranged by Outreach; seminars can be organized by Outreach or by the Section Chair-elect (and his/her Program Committee).

Seminars may address more technical topics, and utilize expert guest speakers on wide-ranging topics. Past seminars have dealt with topics from bees to entrepreneurship, urban sustainability, climate change. For information, check the Section Newsletter and our facebook page.