Silver Circle (Senior Chemists) Committee

This committee was formed to spearhead projects and programming that have general appeal, but are of particular interest to Section members who are beyond the early stages of their careers. Senior chemists are usually more able to meet during the day, so more programs are scheduled for luncheons, and even daytrips are possible. Events are communicated through articles in The Midland Chemists and with Evite invitations. The Silver Circle Committee also co-sponsors activities with other Section committees, such as the Younger Chemists, the Women Chemists Committee or the Mid-Michigan Technicians Group. Longer-range programs are also supported by this committee, such as the planning and funding activities required for the 100th Anniversary of the Midland Section ACS, currently scheduled to open in May of 2019. (See the tab for “Historical Exhibit” under the “Event/Activities” tab on the Section’s website’s homepage.)

If you have any questions, or are interested for more details about the Silver Circle Committee please contact