Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

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Community Demos/Mentoring

What: This is a general call for volunteers interested in working on projects/demos/mentoring for children. Events include Bay City Science fair, demos at Midland Franklin Center, Big Brothers/Big Sisters training and demos, and planning/training over the summer for mentoring and activities in the fall/winter.

Contacts: Gina Malczewski (reginamalczewski@gmail.com)

Membership Committee

What: Committee members

Skills needed: Interest in chemistry and people and bringing them together.

Publicity Committee

What: Photographers
Contact: Amy Tesolin-Gee, AMTesolin-Gee@dow.com

Skills needed: Digital photography.

Editor for Midland Chemist
What: Share newsletter editing
Skills needed: writing expertise, working with people to submit articles, computer/web skills
Please contact committee chairs or other section leaders to join groups or volunteer for other events.